Best 9 Cold Desserts to Eat on Hot Days

When the weather gets hot, there’s nothing like enjoying a cool and refreshing cold dessert. From creamy ice creams to fruity sorbets, these treats are the perfect way to beat the heat and sweeten up your summer days. Here are the top best cold desserts to eat on hot days! They are all cheap, quick, and no-bake recipes.

Fruit Jelly

Fruit jelly is a delightful and refreshing summer dessert that I usually have on hot days. Whether it’s the vibrant berry bliss or the tropical mango ecstasy, fruit jelly serves as a sweet oasis in the heat, offering a cool respite that tingles your senses.

Mini fruit jelly with berries and passion fruits
Fruit jelly is an easy cold dessert for summer

As I take a spoonful, the coolness envelops my mouth, providing instant relief from the sweltering heat. Its light and airy consistency make it a perfect indulgence for those seeking cool, guilt-free pleasure. Here is how I make fruit jelly – an easy cold summer dessert to make.

Ice cream

Speaking of cold desserts to eat on hot days, you cannot miss ice cream. This cold confection, with its myriad of flavors and velvety textures, becomes a sweet oasis in the midst of sweltering heat.

The sheer joy of indulging in a cone or bowl, feeling the cool and creamy goodness melt on your tongue, is unparalleled. Whether it’s the classic vanilla, the adventurous pistachio, or the decadent chocolate fudge, ice cream is the cold delight that turns a hot day into a delicious escape. It’s an easy summer dessert for a crowd, for parties.


Cranachan is a delightful Scottish dessert that truly shines as a refreshing treat on scorching hot days. This cold dessert seamlessly blends together the rich flavors of whipped cream, toasted oats, honey, and fresh raspberries.

Easy cranachan recipe
My cold sweet cranachan

The cool, velvety texture of the whipped cream provides a blissful contrast to the warmth of the toasted oats, creating a symphony of flavors that perfectly complements the burst of freshness from the raspberries. Cranachan is my cool dessert when the sun decides to turn up the heat.

Dole whip

Dole Whip is a popular frozen dessert that originated at Disneyland in the 1980s. It’s a non-dairy soft serve and a favorite choice for cooling off on warm days.

This pineapple-flavored cold dessert is a symphony of sweetness and tanginess, offering a tropical getaway in every bite. On hot days, there’s nothing quite like the cool, creamy texture of Dole Whip to transport you to a Hawaiian paradise.


Sorbet is one of my best cold desserts for hot days. Unlike ice cream, gelato, or sherbet, this frozen dessert is more healthy and doesn’t contain milk or fat. It’s like a non-dairy ice cream. Crafted from a symphony of pureed fruits, sugar, and a hint of citrus, sorbet dazzles the taste buds with its vibrant flavors.

Healthy cold dessert dish for hot days
Quick and simple summer dessert

Its icy texture offers a cooling sensation that seems tailor-made for the sweltering heat, making it the perfect companion for those seeking solace in a spoonful of frozen bliss. Here is my easy Raspberry Sorbet recipe.


Parfait is one of the best summer dessert ideas. This delightful and refreshing cold dessert is a true culinary symphony that reaches its crescendo on hot, sunny days. Its layered masterpiece is a harmonious blend of velvety smooth custard or yogurt, interspersed with vibrant, fresh fruits and a sprinkle of crunchy granola or nuts.

Whether enjoyed by the poolside or as a sweet reprieve after a sun-soaked adventure, parfait is a perfect dessert that can cool you down on the hottest of days.


The next cold dessert to eat on hot days is yogurt. Its creamy texture and tangy flavor make it one of the best desserts for summer that effortlessly cools me down.

The cold mango dessert - Mango Lassi
Mango Lassi – the tropical dessert for summer

However, my taste adventures took an exciting turn when I discovered lassi. This tantalizing variation of yogurt elevates the experience to a whole new level. Lassi is a yogurt-based drink. You blend yogurt with ice, water, and a dash of spices, and then you have the lassi. The interesting thing is that you can combine fruits and herbs into the mixture, from mango to strawberry to mint. Here is my summer sweet Mango Lassi recipe.

Cold dessert Granita

On scorching summer afternoons, there’s nothing I crave more than an iced dessert granita. This easy cold dessert with few ingredients is sometimes mistaken for shaved ice.

Granita is a semi-frozen dessert made by freezing a liquid mixture and then regularly scraping it with a fork to create a granular texture. This summertime dessert has a more intense flavor and a slightly grainy consistency compared to the fluffy, snow-like texture of shaved ice.

Shaved ice

If you don’t like a smooth texture for a hot day, try shaved ice. The finely shaved crystals, like delicate snowflakes, cascade over one another, creating a mesmerizing landscape in a cup. Each bite is a symphony of chill, instantly soothing the relentless heat.

Shaved ice is one of the most popular cold Asian desserts. I had a chance to try this cold dessert in Japan. The vibrant array of flavors, from tropical fruits to classic syrups, dances on my taste buds, providing a welcome reprieve from the sun’s relentless rays.

You can make this cold treat at home without special equipment. This is how I made Mango Shaved Ice in Japanese style at home.

The cold dessert with toppings
Simple desserts for hot weather

In the heat of the summer, indulging in a refreshing cold dessert is not just a treat for the taste buds; it’s a necessary escape from the sweltering temperatures. From creamy ice creams to fruity sorbets or shaved ice, these chilled summer desserts offer a moment of sweet relief on scorching days. I hope my best cold dessert ideas list will help you fight the heat. Stay cool and savor the sweetness of life, one frosty treat at a time.

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